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Federal OCR and EEOC Unlawful Discrimination Complaints: A Comprehensive Guide for Schools
  • Monday, December 16
  • Webinar
Erin Gilsbach

Please join attorney Erin Gilsbach as she discusses concepts such as when schools should involve attorneys, early resolution procedures and their pros and cons, essential components of a written response, investigation procedures, the nature of the authority and limitations of authority assigned to federal investigators, and the legal rights of the school during and after the investigation process.

Managing Unforeseen Student Death on Campus
  • Thursday, December 12
  • Webinar
James Castagnera

Please join Dr. Jim Castagnera for comprehensive guidance on how to best manage student death on campus.

Lawfully Managing Background Checks for Employees in Higher Education
  • Thursday, December 19
  • Webinar
Richard Verstegen

Please join Richard Verstegen for this discussion regarding managing background checks of employees, including contacting past employers and reviewing social media accounts of the applicant.

Vaping in School: Policies and Procedures for Managing the Epidemic
  • Wednesday, December 18
  • Webinar
Melissa Fleischer

Please join Melissa Fleischer as she addresses the vaping/juuling epidemic and provide strategies for school administrators to cope lawfully and practically.

Legally-Defensible Investigations: A Step-by-Step Approach to Conducting Student and Employment Investigations Designed to Prevent Liability
  • Tuesday, December 17
  • Webinar
Erin D. Gilsbach

Please join Atty. Erin D. Gilsbach as she goes step-by-step through a model investigation process, explaining the legal benefits of specific practices, pointing out common errors and pitfalls, and identifying areas where the process could or should be tailored to suit the specific needs of the school.

FMLA Compliance: Special Rules for Schools
  • Friday, December 13
  • Webinar
Melissa Fleischer

Please join Melissa Fleischer, attorney at law, as she explains step-by-step the rules relating to FMLA compliance in general and focuses on the special requirements for schools.

Medical Leaves of Absence: Issues Surrounding Voluntary and Involuntary Withdrawals
  • Tuesday, December 10
  • Webinar
Dr. James Castagnera

Please join Dr. Jim Castagnera for a session covering the essential (and complicated) issues surrounding medical leaves of absence on campus.

LGBTQ Discrimination and Other Tricky Issues for Schools: New Developments
  • Friday, December 6
  • Webinar
Melissa Fleischer

Please join Melissa Fleischer for a detailed review of recent case law on these issues, and stay up-to-date on new cases so that you best understand your legal requirements to avoid discrimination and prevent harassment to your LGBTQ students and staff/teachers.