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Drafting Legally-Defensible Disability Accommodations
Erin D. Gilsbach

Please join nationally acclaimed attorney Erin Gilsbach as she discusses many examples of common, legally-problematic language and provides helpful tips and tools that schools can use to audit their documents for issues, recognize liability-prone language, make meaningful changes to existing language, and prevent future problems. Through a review of common, real-life accommodations and recent caselaw, she provides an essential, critical appraisal of common drafting problems. She also offers simple, meaningful solutions that can make a huge difference in legal defensibility and can be implemented immediately.

Price: $299.00
Drafting Legally-Defensible Disability Accommodations

Once upon a time – in what many in higher education now recall as a golden age – more than two thirds of all faculty positions were full-time and tenure-track. The past few decades have witnessed a reversal of fortune for the professoriate. In 2019, according to the American Association of University professors, “Non-tenure-track positions of all types now account for over 70 percent of all instructional staff appointments in American higher education.” And with so many colleges and universities shutting their doors, even more intense competition for a dwindling number of tenured professorial posts is happening before our eyes.

When so many faculty and academic administrators see their careers at stake it’s little wonder that hiring and promotion litigation is on the rise. And yet, as the Chronicle of Hiring Education pointed out, “Most colleges provide their employees with little if any guidance about managing the legal risks relating to hiring and promotions….”

Please join Dr. James Castagnera for a webinar addressing the legal risks in hiring and promotion in higher education and what you should be doing about it.


Just a sampling of what this webinar will cover:

  • Creation of job descriptions and advertisements that pass legal muster while reaching the applicants you hope to attract
  • The dos and don’ts of effective applicant interviews
  • The current status of affirmative action and the quest for diversity
  • ADA issues before and after the hiring decision
  • Why gender is still a tenure issue and what to do about it
  • Due process in the promotion & tenure cycle
  • Legal lay offs and non-reappointments
Price: $299.00



Erin Gilsbach


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