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Employee Use of Social Media: What K-12 Schools Need to Know
Richard Verstegen

Please join attorney Rick Verstegen for a presentation focusing on the various legal considerations that are raised with employee use of social media, including student confidentiality, concerted activity, and First Amendment concerns.

Price: $299.00
Employee Use of Social Media: What K-12 Schools Need to Know

Courts are starting to look critically at specific accommodations in IEPs and Section 504 plans, and the results are not encouraging. In this ultra-practical session, we urge teachers, special educators, guidance counselors, and administrators to take a hard look at the accommodations included in the Section 504 plans and IEPs that are being drafted in their schools. From ambiguous language to “default” and “standard” accommodations to downright nonsensical language, legal defensibility issues are all too common in IEPs and Section 504 plans.

Please join nationally acclaimed attorney Erin Gilsbach as she discusses many examples of common, legally-problematic language and provides helpful tips and tools that schools can use to audit their documents for issues, recognize liability-prone language, make meaningful changes to existing language, and prevent future problems. Through a review of common, real-life accommodations and recent case law, she provides an essential, critical appraisal of common drafting problems. She also offers simple, meaningful solutions that can make a huge difference in legal defensibility and can be implemented immediately.


Just a sampling of what this webinar will cover:

  • The importance of legally-defensible drafting of disability accommodations
  • A legal primer of the laws mandating disability accommodations, including the IDEA and Section 504
  • An analysis of case law involving accommodation drafting issues
  • Identification of common drafting errors
  • Practical and simple self-audit tools that can be used by all faculty and administration to spot potential issues
  • Best-practice tips for avoiding common errors and writing legally-defensible accommodations
Price: $299.00



Richard Verstegen


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