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Wage and Hour Issues in K-12 Schools: FLSA and Beyond
Richard Verstegen

Please join attorney Richard Verstegen for a presentation that addresses recent developments and provides insight on how employers should be responding to these developments.

Price: $299.00
Wage and Hour Issues in K-12 Schools: FLSA and Beyond

School districts are seeing staff use various social media both inside and outside the schools. In some cases, the use of social media may be part of the overall educational methodology. In other instances, employees may utilize social media outside the classroom, including Twitter and Facebook. School districts often have acceptable use policies to address use of district technology, but addressing use of other outside and personal technology raises many legal concerns. Such use may raise concerns related to whether a school can discipline an employee for certain conduct over outside social media use, whether such conduct is protected by law or by the U.S. Constitution, and whether a school may gain access to such outside personal accounts.

Please join attorney Rick Verstegen for a presentation focusing on the various legal considerations that are raised with employee use of social media, including student confidentiality, concerted activity, and First Amendment concerns.


Just a sampling of what this webinar will cover:

  • Understand the various technologies that may be utilized by staff and the district’s obligations to address these technologies
  • Learn why adopting and distributing policies and handbook provisions are so important
  • Review elements of dealing with off-campus use of technology, including First Amendment, harassment, and defamation implications
  • Update your understanding of the laws related to technology in the schools, including the Family Educational Rights and Privacy and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act
  • Understand the ability of school districts to search online accounts for staff
Price: $299.00



Richard Verstegen


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